My parents were planning to move from their home in January. We had contacted an estate sales person in November to discuss the requirements for an estate sale. My parents and I did not get a comfortable feeling with this person. We then got a recommendation to contact By Gone Days, managed by Jeanne Andriuzzi.

We met Jeanne at my parent’s home in November and my parents immediately felt comfort with her. Jeanne walked through the house with my mother and gave an honest opinion of what she thought could sell and how she would market it. We established a schedule and although it was for three months in the future, Jeanne kept to the schedule. Immediately after my parents moved out of the house, Jeanne came in. She had the utmost respect for everything in the house, arranged the items for sale and advertised to the appropriate clientele. She even found items that she knew my parents had inadvertently left behind and contacted me immediately to get them back.

The days of the sale were very busy for Jeanne and her crew. She worked effortlessly up to the days of the sale and then for several days after. Jeanne managed to make the appropriate contacts for donating the balance of the contents.

The entire process was made very easy by working with Jeanne. She is very well organized, understands the business and most importantly, treated my parents and myself with the utmost respect. She delivered everything as promised. Jeanne was also helpful in recommending a company to help us clean the house to get ready for the sale of the house.

I would highly recommend By Gone Days and Jeanne Andriuzzi to handle any estate sale needed.

 Dan Kovach

 Caldwell, NJ

Downsizing from the home in which you raised your family is not just a logistical and physical challenge, but a very emotional one as well.  It's very difficult to sort through a lifetime of memories when only a few can make the transition.   Choosing Bygonedays to organize the sale of all the 'treasures' that were left after the sorting process was the best choice we could have made.  Jeanne, Andrea, and friends weren't just there to make money- they were there for US.  They worked tirelessly to organize and present our sale to maximize our profit not once but twice; when the house had to go back on the market after the first sale fell through.   As soon as it sold again, they were back with smiles, friendship, and encouragement to begin the process again.  I give Bygonedays all the stars! 

The Cohen Family 

Livingston NJ 

It's no small task to downsize. After 18 years of living in the same home, we decided to move back to the city. You never realize how much you've accumulated over the years- and it's daunting!

We could not have done it without Jeanne Andriuzzi who handled everything in preparation for our estate sale. From the moment Jeanne walked in, we knew we were in good hands. She went through everything, arranged it, priced it and ultimately sold it. I don't know where she gets her energy! 

She helped us all the way up to the clean-out before the final walk through on closing day.

We are forever grateful to Jeanne for helping us end one chapter and begin a new one.

Amy Feller

Montclair, NJ


Jeanne and Bygone Days Estate Sales was a true find. She took care of every aspect of our sale and then some.  Her caring diligence, professionalism and hard work resulted in a very successful sales event and clean out. We also have found a true friend. 
Mary & Steve Giannetti

Verona NJ

Jeanne Andriuzzi of By Gone Days Estate Sales is quite simply superb. My mother recently passed away leaving me with a large house crammed full of belongings. After two weeks of decluttering and sorting things by myself, I realized I desperately needed help and started interviewing estate sale companies recommended by my real estate broker. High pressure sales tactics and high base fees were not what I needed at this extremely stressful time, however. Fortunately, I located Jeanne’s website on my own. At our first meeting, I immediately felt comfortable that this was the right person to handle selling all of my Mom’s treasures. Jeanne is very knowledgeable about collectibles and antiques of all sorts. In addition, she has an impressive network of dealers who work with her. She spent many hours sorting and properly staging all the items. The day of the sale the house looked like a delightful vintage shop. Most importantly, Jeanne has a friendly, warm and empathetic style of relating to people and great negotiating skills. Her team of helpers during the sale was also outstanding. The estate sale was a wild success. We had a constant flow of people in spite of the fact that the house is located on an out of the way cul-de-sac. I HIGHLY recommend Jeanne for all your estate and house sale needs !

Anna Pec

Little Falls, NJ

"Jeanne recently handled our house contents sale. We moved out of a house my family had inhabited for three generations and 67 years. Jeanne was very thorough and professional from start to finish. She took the time to get to know us and understood this was going to be a very emotional phase of our lives. Jeanne was patient explaining the process and assured us that she would be there start to finish. She spent many hours preparing for the sale and researching the eclectic things we had to sell. We appreciated that on the days of the sale she brought enough professional helpers to be sure the sale went smoothly and our house was treated with respect. She returned in the following days to help get the house completely cleared out. I highly recommend you call Jeanne if you are in need of a reliable, friendly and competent professional to help with your house sale." 


                     Meg Banitch                      

Montclair, NJ

"Where to start? I cannot say enough great things about Jeanne and her team at By Gone Days Sales!! Selling a home and moving is a very hectic time and I was able to completely rely on Jeanne to sort, price, and display items and furniture in my home to achieve maximum exposure. She was punctual, friendly, and incredibly hard working. I trusted her completely--so much so that I went out of town for the weekend of the actual estate sale. Her experience and knowledge of the market helped me to sell everything (and I mean everything!) that I wanted to sell. She advertised for the sale on line and with signage throughout the neighborhood and then she and her team were there from open to close on sale days. I don't hesitate to recommend her to friends and colleagues and I would hire her again in a heartbeat." 

Debbie Sevilla

Montclair NJ


"My mother died and I needed help. She had lived in her house for 43 years and discarded nothing. Living far away, I only had a few weeks weeks to work on the house and her belongings. Fortunately for me, into my life came Jeanne Andriuzzi, the best estate sales person. Like a fairy godmother, Jeanne made things disappear, and be perfect. Jeanne helped to declutter and streamline the house for the sale. Then she brought in her magic to bring everything back and create a beautiful boutique out of my mother’s house for a big two day sale. No small feat, she worked for weeks to catalog, organize, coordinate and advertise. She did this well, while being considerate of my feelings, never pressuring, listening, understanding and caring. She came to know my mother through all of her possessions and my stories, and was most respectful and appreciative. Then on the sale days, the people came. And she greeted all with stories and ideas and smiles. The sale was a huge success. Items that still remained were donated to charities, all was cleaned out and spotless for the House closing. I could never have done this, by myself. It was all too overwhelming and too emotional. It makes me feel good that others will enjoy and use my mother’s beautiful things. Jeanne’s warm, embracing, and positive manner made me feel comfortable and taken care of, which is so helpful in this fast paced, get it done world. I appreciate her help, and would recommend her, and her company, Bygone Days, to everyone."

Maria A. Clemens    

"As a realtor of over 30 Years I am asked for recommendations for many services. I am fortunate to know many qualified people in different fields. However I always start with Jeanne Andriuzzi of Bygone Days for house content/estate sales. Jeanne is an expert in her field. More important to me, she goes above and beyond in helping my clients. Jeanne is someone you should call and even better get to know."

  Sincerely, Bud McNichol   

Coldwell Banker  

Upper Montclair  

"We used Bygone Days Estate Sales recently & we cannot recommend them highly enough. They are professional, trustworthy, & honest. On top of all this, they make the process so easy. We didn't have to think about a thing and when the sale was over, the house was left ready for the new owners.  Jeanne and her crew are a delight to work with."     

Terry & Barry Krongold 

Clifton, NJ     

"I would like to not only commend but also recommend Jeanne @ “Bygone Days”. In every aspect of the sale process, she was professional, knowledgeable, organized and thorough.  For maximum, effective exposure, Jeanne advertised in all the right publications. In addition, she staged all of my antiques, furniture, dishes and other items perfectly, resulting in maximum prices received. Jeanne also made suggestions which helped me organize the personal belongs being brought to my new home. Finally and emphatically, I would recommend her to anyone needing a fair, honest and exceptional professional to evaluate and market their prized possessions and receive the best prices for them." 

Fran Creech 

North Caldwell 

"Going though the estate sale of a close family member is not something one has to do often in life, so it can be a daunting prospect. If you engage the services of Jeanne Andriuzzi of Bygone Days to manage this event, you may consider yourself a wise person. I recently had the good fortune to make the smart decision to have Jeannie handle the estate sale of the contents in my parent’s home. I did some scouting around before deciding to have Jeannie manage things and was very pleased with not only the results, but the process leading up to and following the event. I liked that Jeannie had eleven years of experience in this field, which assured me she knew her business, how to price the items, where to advertise, etc.  She had key contacts for specific items, e.g., furniture, collectibles. She had the planning and timing leading up to the sale down pat and she got the word out through various channels in order to maximize traffic. The staging of the items for sale in the home was most impressive and I received many favorable comments on this from neighbors that were familiar with the home. Aside from having a very professional manner, Jeannie was also fun to get to know. I very much enjoyed conversing and interacting with her throughout the process. I highly recommend Bygone Days to assist and properly guide you through the unfamiliar process of parting with possessions that can carry a lot of sentimental and emotional attachments."

Jim Gilday 

      Totowa Boro       

"I have been an antique dealer for over 40 years and have gone to hundreds of house and estate sales. I can honestly say that no one does it better than Bygone Days. Jeanne and her staff are very professional, knowledgeable, highly organized and Jeanne has all the resources and connections to insure successful sales….Most importantly, she and her staff are trustworthy and honest. Besides being a true professional, Jeanne is very warm and gracious to everyone that walks through the door and instills a very relaxing and approachable atmosphere throughout the home. You just know that you can talk to her. She has a huge following because it is truly a pleasure to attend one of her sales and fun, too! She knows her stuff, has all the key skills when it comes to pricing (very important) and accommodates all of her clients in every way she can It’s no wonder why she is successful because she is simply the best!"  

Shirley Shaller 

East Hanover