Welcome to bygonedayssales.com

Welcome to bygonedayssales.com

Welcome to bygonedayssales.comWelcome to bygonedayssales.com

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Welcome to Bygone Days Estate Sales L.LC. Thank you for taking the time to visit my website and find out why we are successful and have so many satisfied and happy clients.    I was a teacher for 26 years and although I loved my job, I had a weekend passion and before I knew it, I caught the “disease” as my husband calls it. Every Saturday I would head off early in the morning to get in line at a nearby estate sale. I felt the “rush” and excitement as all my eager ‘competitors’ did, waiting for the doors to open hoping to find that special treasure, while fearing it would be gone! I was always frustrated that I couldn’t attend on Fridays convinced all the best buys and valuables would be gone by Saturday. Since conducting house and estate sales for over 15 years now, I can honestly tell you, don’t miss Saturdays, for some treasures will still be there and the reduced prices will make you smile! Trust me.   Bygone Days is people focused in every way. We aim to please whether you live in a castle or a modest home. Most folks don’t own rare antiques and lavish furnishings. Regardless of your circumstances, every client receives our undivided attention and an individual plan is adopted to suit your specific needs and requirements. Moving is highly emotional and stressful and our goal is to step in and relieve you of that burden in every way. Whether you are an executor of an estate, an attorney, a homeowner that wants to downsize or relocate, or a realtor that wants to assist your clients in every way, Bygone Days, will fulfill our commitment in providing you with professional services, courtesy, and warmth as we are dedicated to obtaining maximum dollar value for your possessions.    Our journey begins with a complimentary visit to your home. You will have the opportunity to learn how we work, what to expect and have all your questions and concerns addressed. We will give you all the time and attention you need for no one will be watching the clock.    Offering presale and post sale clean out services; we also do extensive advertising via internet, newspaper, email and most importantly, personal phone calls to individual buyers of specific items at no cost to you. We know who to call!   Staging an estate sale properly is key and no corners will be cut to hasten this process – proper staging is vital to a successful and prosperous sale. Items are properly tagged and priced in a very organized manner.  We clean, stage, categorize, appraise, and display items attractively to maximize sales. No stone is left unturned to receive top value for your treasures while our buyers are also treated with utmost respect and friendliness throughout the two day sale. The atmosphere is fun as well as professional as we have a list of loyal followers (email list of 500 alone) that faithfully attend our sales.    Whether you have authentic antiques, collectibles, mid-century modern or contemporary pieces, strategies will be set in place to attract and notify the right buyers for your items.    After the sale, Plan B, is always effectively in place. We are there to provide you with complete piece of mind and take you to the finish line. Upon request, arrangements can be made for a total cleanout leaving your home broom swept and ready to go! We can also arrange to have your kept possessions moved to your new location if needed.  We also have a list of wonderful charities on call to make donations, so items will be put to good use as they help those in need and you receive a tax deduction. We never walk away from a sale, until you are completely satisfied and happy with our services. Please take a moment to read our testimonials. We are proud to list them.   If you have any questions or would like a complimentary visit, please call me. It would be my pleasure to meet with you.   


Jeanne Andriuzzi, President  


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